Product Development


We are in the process of prototyping a jade device gel pack extension to treat sports injuries. The device is unique in that it augments heat transfer to/from the body by contouring shape to closely fit hand, foot, wrist, ankle, and other areas prone to sports injuries. The innovative nature of the design lies in the wearable, universal fit characteristics of the device. We believe that the market for such a device will be huge, particularly due to its portability and the fact that it can be worn while participating in sports activities.

Care Instructions

– Jade Gel Pack’s are machine washable in cold.

– Every so often Jade Gel Packs need to be “recharged”. Heating and freezing the gel pack over time diminishes the water inside
the gel pack. If the gel pack feels lighter than normal then washing in cool water (on gentle cycle) or soaking submerged in hot water overnight is recommended. This allows water to be absorbed back into the gel pack, thus “recharging” the water supply in the gel pack. No other packs on the market can do this!

If you are interested in participating in the marketing of this device, we would like to hear from you! Did you find the device and instructions helpful? Did you find the size appropriate? Would you recommend this device to others?

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Do not overheat Jade Gel Pack. Jade Gel Pack should not be heated more than three 20 second intervals.