Orthopedic Health


Bring relief to orthopedic injuries

After you have seen the doctor, and you have been given the order for ice and/or heat, Jade Gel Pack contours to the body’s shape in order to maximize the effectiveness of the gel pack and delivers hot or cold relief. Injuries resulting from muscular and/or skeletal for knees, elbows, neck, and even the back are all common areas of injury. Ice, bags of frozen peas, hot water bottles and other methods of relieving injuries are not as effective or as easy to slide under a orthopedic brace as Jade Gel Pack.

What’s your game?

Do you hate taking time off due to injuries? We all do. Although everyone active in their sport knows the price of remaining active comes with the hidden cost of the occasional injury, no matter what your game, or how good you are at it, injuries happen.

The most common injuries are:

• Orthopedic Procedures
• Sprains and strains
• Knee injuries
• Achilles tendon injuries
• Dental Procedure
• Pain along the shin bone
• Rotator cuff injuries
• Fractures
• Tendonitis
• Stress Fractures
• Strains & Sprains
• Swelling
• Inflammation
• Dislocations

So you are injured, what do you do now? Go see a sports medicinal specialist? Yes if we can, or if we have been through enough of these we can see a pattern, Ice the new injury, Ibuprofen, elevation ect… The first line of therapy often is thermal therapy, or “cryotherapy” for therapy geeks. Timing or getting to your first line of defense to injuries does matter. The quicker you can apply ice to the injury, the more you will be able to manage swelling or inflammation that occurs in traumatized tissues, ligaments, muscles, joints, ect. Icing also manages chronic or re-occurring injuries as well. Although we may not instinctively want to apply a block of ice to already injured shoulder after a game, brushed nylon taffeta is less clammy than an ice pack, Jade Gel Pack’s flexibility when chilled in a cooler is the same temperature as an ice block but you can’t tell by the feel. So why isn’t everyone managing their injuries better with cryotherapy? In a word, doctors call it ‘compliance,’ or willingness to run to an ice block after each workout, training session, or performance, each and every time.


Do not overheat Jade Gel Pack. Jade Gel Pack should not be heated more than three 20 second intervals.