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Shampoo Ingredients:
1 cup of water or rose tea, chamomile tea for highlights, rosemary tea for brunettes.
2 tablespoons of baking soda

Mix the baking soda and water till dissolved. I use an old shampoo bottle because the spout is perfect for pouring onto your scalp and massage in. Only shampoo the scalp, the wash is usually enough for lightly soiled hair near the ends. Rinse well.

Conditioner Ingredients:
1 cup of water or rose tea, chamomile tea for highlights, rosemary tea for brunettes.
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Mix the ingredients together, using an old conditioner bottle also works or I pour a cup full of the conditioner and place my hair in that, when it was shorter I poured the mixture on the ends. If you have extra dry scalp or dandruff you can also pour this conditioner on your scalp. Just like regular conditioner there is no need to condition your scalp as your natural oils are sufficient.


The Huffington Post found that singing may be good for your heart. I learned to sing from a pro, think I’ll live to 100?



LipstickLove your lipstick, but hate the idea of all the chemicals that are in it? Making your own lipstick is an easy and inexpensive alternative. With a few simple ingredients and a little time you can make your own lipstick. Learn how to make this yummy color yourself.

1 tsp beeswax
2.5 tsp fractionated coconut oil
1/2 tsp castor oil
2 capsules of evening primrose oil
2 tsp aloe Vera gel
4 drops vit e oil
3 drops peppermint oil, 1/8tsp food grade Amber Shimmer

Combine all ingredients (except the flavoring oil) in a half pint mason jar. Place into a water bath on the stove over low heat. Water should be almost boiling but not (don’t want to water down your color)! Stir with a non-reactive item, either a wooden spoon or my favorite a chopstick until melted. Remove from heat once melted. Add the flavoring oil before pouring into lip balm tubes.

HINT: remove the lids before removing the mix from the bath, otherwise the lip balm will cool and setup in the jar instead of the tube. Enjoy!!!

NEVER PUT A LID ON YOUR MASON JAR AND HEAT-because there is lots of air in the jar when you do this so never heat a closed system.  Air expands and the glass won’t. Picture a popping balloon.


New, Quarter, & Full Moon Soap

I’m mystified on how the SAME recipe can yield TWO entirely different results. See the bar to the right and the bar to the far left? EXACTLY the same ingredients. The ONLY difference is day and season of year. I don’t make that much soap, just twice a year, if I can help it. All distractions must be removed, no disruptions can be even possible which usually leads me to the middle of the night, on a weekend or non-school day, no pending emergencies.

Alkali Solution
Mix two items below to make the alkaline solution
3 oz Sodium Hydroxide Lye
7oz distilled or rose hydrosol (see recipe below)

Melt the first 3 ingredients together, keep at 110 degrees C until the alkaline solution is the same temp +/- 10 Degrees C
6 oz olive oil
6 oz coconut oil
9.5 oz vegetable Crisco
2oz of Shea butter
1-2 Tblsp (4oz) Red beet powder
1-2 Tblsp pulverized dry roses
1-2 Tblsp Rassoul Clay and Rose hip powder

1.) First, measure and mix the lye solution. It will be over 170 Degrees C and will need to cool to 110-120 before mixing with the oils.

2.) Next, measure out the oils, and fats i.e. Crisco that will be one of the oil components of the three base ingredients to make soap which are water, alkali solution, and fat. Coconut oil makes a sudsier soap.

3.) Measure the final ingredients (the dry additives) and warm in a toaster oven just prior to adding after what soapers call trace. Once both the lye and the oils are between 100-120 degrees C, mix till the consistency of a thin pancake batter-called trace because lifting the stirrer above the mix will leave a ‘trace’ before melting into the rest of the soap. At this point, add the additives pictured below. Pour into a greased baking dish, and wait.

Lye and water for the alkali solution
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil


Okay, aside of the fact I’m not a photographer, or model (I look as if i’m in pain here…) at least you can see the shade of lip balm for the recipe below. Enjoy! What a great birthday party idea, my friend and neighbor Angie gave a lip balm party, and we designed our own recipe. This is how the recipe below was developed. The result was so wonderful, I just had to share.

DIY Lip Balm: Goth Chocolate Lip Balm

2 tsp base lip balm (see
1 tsp dark cocoa powder (see the the cocoa rouge is darker than this, the black cocoa is even darker so use this as a guide to match your skintone)
3 drops of peppermint food grade oil
2 pinches of chocolateman gold or mauve luster

Heat 2-4 cups of water in a pan till just below simmer
In a half pint or pint mason heat proof jar, add the ingredients above (except the luster and peppermint culinary oil). Heat and stir till dissolved, then remove from heat and add remaining two ingredients. Pour quickly into re-purposed lip balm vials or buy new empty ones anywhere online or at your local craft store.

NOTE: NEVER PUT A LID ON YOUR MASON JAR WHILE ITS HEATING. Think of a balloon popping, or a hot air balloon rising (air expands when it gets hot). EXCEPT this would be glass so NEVER HEAT A CLOSED SYSTEM

Make your own facial soap & save approximately $6.54 per bar!

Castile soap base
Translucent Glycerin soap base
Olive oil ~11-2 tsp or 1Tblsp per bar

Double boiler
Soap mold or brioche pan
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

Melt the soap base, stir. Pour into the mold. When air bubbles form, spray the top with the rubbing alcohol.

References & Soap Suppliers:

Appropriate Cost:

Translucent Glycerin soap base GloryBee Foods 1lb is $3.60
Castile soap base 30% olive oil 1 lb is $4.50
Square soap mold approx $7


Do not overheat Jade Gel Pack. Jade Gel Pack should not be heated more than three 20 second intervals.