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Bring relief from Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Congrats on your investment you have made on your use-at-home laser! Using your laser every day for 1-3 months in a row to get to that maintenance stage can be tough. Using all those creams to make the process more tolerable can be messy not to mention the extra cost no one needs after that initial invoice. You were looking forward to the benefits, not the long painful process of getting results. We understand completely, and have a lux, soothing, and reusable solution that easily eases you into and out of these few minutes added to your beauty routine.

Jade Gel Pack contours to the body’s shape in order to maximize the effectiveness of the gel pack using hot or cold relief. Ice, bags of frozen peas, hot water bottles and other methods of relieving injuries are not as effective as Jade Gel Pack.

Jade Gel Pack Features
Completely safe to use hot or cool
Convenient and versatile
Reusable for years
Comfortable outer covering
Easily wipes clean with a soft cloth
Great Design Aesthetic


The most common hair removal treatment problems are:
• Pain
• Brusing
• Soreness
• Swelling
• Redness
• Tenderness

Do not overheat Jade Gel Pack. Jade Gel Pack should not be heated more than three 20 second intervals.