‘More’ Magazine

Excerpt from More Magazine
by Emma Miller

Our company innovates through thermal-therapy design to bring relief, hope, and to help families reach their breast feeding goals. After the loss of our first child, I had experienced over 11 days of a painful condition called engorgement, far worse than mastitis (which I actually had with our second daughter). After we tried everything on the market, my husband created the first JadeDevice prototype. Although rigid when frozen, it offered amazing reprieve from intense suffering. With the feedback from doctors and nurses at Evergreen Hospital who call these gel packs, “an amazing innovation,” and mothers who have used our samples and call them “life-savers,” we felt Jade’s Device was important enough to share. With the help from family in managing, and Jade’s grandfather who contributed hugely to the utility patent filing, we now have a patent in progress.

Some families plant a tree when a child is lost. JadeDevice is our tree. In conjunction with GelPax (our manufacturer), Doctors, Nurses, and staff at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland WA, and Children’s Medical Hospital we plan to bring closure to couples who have lost a child and cannot afford infant autopsy. 10 percent of our profits will be donated in Jade’s name to assist families in finding closure. We also wish to bring relief of pain and discomfort to those who are experiencing the joy of a new baby so that family’s can reach their breast feeding goals.


Do not overheat Jade Gel Pack. Jade Gel Pack should not be heated more than three 20 second intervals.